Helping Maui After an Unprecedented Fire


Helping Maui After an Unprecedented Fire

The American Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations continue to aid residents of the Hawaiian town of Lahaina after the deadliest U.S blaze in more than a hundred years.

Residents of Maui have begun the arduous process of rebuilding their lives following a catastrophic disaster earlier this month. As fires broke out across the island — bolstered by winds from Hurricane Dora — the powerful blaze that tore through Lahaina on August 8 left more than 115 people dead and incinerated nearly all of the historic town. The full scale of the tragedy is unknown as almost 400 people are still missing.

Out of the horror, however, comes help: Nonprofit organizations on and off the island have been joining in the relief efforts. More than 500 Red Cross-trained disaster workers have journeyed to Hawaii or have assisted virtually. The Red Cross and the Maui county government have provided more than 18,000 overnight stays at emergency shelters and hotels. In addition, the Red Cross, with the help of partners, has supplied more than 103,000 meals and snacks to people in need.

GRoW has been a longtime supporter of the Red Cross and is helping to fund the organization's disaster relief on Maui.

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