“One of the greatest challenges in philanthropy is, quite simply, how to make a difference.

When you look at the scope of the challenges we try to tackle — providing good healthcare, empowering women, improving education for youth around the world — these are not small challenges. They're gigantic ones. That's why we focus on the true innovators: the people who are finding radical new ways to meet our challenges and leverage far greater change."

— Gregory Annenberg Weingarten

Seen here in his Paris Studio, 2014

A Family Foundation

Gregory Annenberg Weingarten
Wallis Annenberg, Walter H. Annenberg, Ambassador to the Court of St. James's, Winfield House, circa 1971

The Annenberg Foundation is a family foundation established in 1989 by Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg. Today, the Annenberg Foundation is led by Wallis Annenberg, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO and Vice Presidents and Directors Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, Lauren Bon, and Charles Annenberg Weingarten.


Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, seen here with his grandfather, Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg, is the founder of GRoW @ Annenberg, a philanthropic initiative of the Annenberg Foundation.

Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg, Sunnylands, circa 1989

Mission & Values


The mission of GRoW @ Annenberg is to support a broad range of innovative projects and organizations that address social and cultural issues, meet urgent community needs, and offer inspiration and collaboration — all with the goal of improving the quality of life in communities around the world.


We believe that every person deserves respect, dignity, and equal access to opportunities. We strive to support organizations and leaders fostering these values within the communities that they serve.