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Public Counsel

Located in Los Angeles, the largest public interest law firm in the nation seeks to advance civil rights as well as racial and economic justice.

Providing Free Legal Aid for All Communities

Public Counsel

Public Counsel was founded in 1970 by the Beverly Hills Bar Association to protect underserved children's legal rights, foster economic justice by representing communities lacking access to legal representation, and represent immigrants who are victims of crimes and human rights violations. The nonprofit organization employs dozens of attorneys and social workers while relying on the dedication of more than 5,000 volunteer lawyers and law students to continue its work. This vast network of employees and volunteers provides pro bono services to 30,000-plus families, children, and organizations each year that otherwise would not have access to high-quality legal representation. The firm's areas of focus include access to justice, youth and families, inclusive community development, economic justice, educational equity, housing justice, immigrants' rights, veterans' rights, and women's rights.

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