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Doctors Combat Complex Digestive Diseases

The award-winning Division of Digestive Diseases at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is a leading diagnostic, treatment, and research center focused on developing unique approaches to gastrointestinal disorders. Consistently ranked “Best in the Western United States,” the center attracts some of the country’s most brilliant physicians and scientists, and produces outstanding, innovative results.

Rethinking Medicine

Part of the world-renowned UCLA Health System, the Division of Digestive Diseases is a driving force in engaging with today’s most challenging and dangerous gastrointestinal disorders. The Division contains clinical, research, and fellowship programs, which are each dedicated to providing the highest possible quality of care. From studying Celiac Disease, to combating obesity, to researching HIV prevention, the Division produces creative and comprehensive approaches to a wide variety of health concerns. In addition to being a treatment and care facility, the organization’s fellowship program is among the most competitive and prestigious in the world. Each year, the fellowship program accepts seven fellows, who will become some of the leaders in shaping the future of the gastrointestinal clinical and research fields.

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2018 – Research – Division of Digestive Diseases

2016 – Research – Division of Digestive Diseases

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