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Heidi Duckler Dance

The award-winning dance company in Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon believes in democratic dance, arts education, and spatial justice. 

Supporting Artistry, Creativity, and Diversity in Dance

Heidi Duckler Dance

Founded in 1985 by choreographer Heidi Duckler, Heidi Duckler Dance (HDD) has produced hundreds of local, national, and international dance projects in iconic locations. The company's youth arts education program serves young dancers in community centers throughout Los Angeles County, focusing on multicultural, multilingual, and multi-generational populations in underserved neighborhoods. The geographic areas that HDD serves across its programs reflect the rich diversity of the L.A. area, inclusive of people of color, women, individuals living below the poverty line, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The company is celebrated for creating site-specific performances that utilize non-traditional spaces as a creative source to engage residents with new perspectives of their community. HDD has continued to redefine the relationship between audience and art through onsite projects that invite collaboration, culminating in leading-edge performances that support community engagement and pride. 

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