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McGroarty Arts Center

Located in Tujunga, California, the community arts center provides high-quality arts instruction and experiences.

Cultivating a Local Arts Ecosystem

McGroarty Arts Center

The McGroarty Arts Center was founded in 1953 in the home of lawyer, writer, politician, and Poet Laureate of California John McGroarty. Following McGroarty's death, his home was sold to the City of Los Angeles and the house was designated a cultural monument in 1970. It was managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation and Department of Cultural Affairs until 1995 when the McGroarty Arts Center became a nonprofit organization. The McGroarty Arts Center currently works in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Serving the Foothill communities of Los Angeles, the center offers in-depth arts instruction and experiences for children, families, and individuals in need. Art courses for youth combine formal artistic training with experiences to develop critical thinking and independence, while adult courses encourage participants to refine their individual artistic voice. The McGroarty Arts Center also hosts performances, exhibitions, and events, offering artists a place to showcase their own work and providing audiences with a space to engage with meaningful art.

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