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California Calls

The alliance of community-based organizations from across the state works on diverse initiatives to reclaim the California dream of equity and opportunity for all residents.

Committing California to People-Led Progress

California Calls

Founded in 2003 by Los Angeles-based community activist Anthony Thigpenn, California Calls aims to engage communities in the process of making the state a better place for all who reside there. The 31 organizations that make up California Calls' alliance are committed to a bottom-up approach that empowers local communities. The alliance pursues four primary goals: funding public services, improving the effectiveness of government, reforming taxes equitably, and fostering economic growth. These organizations span 12 California counties and strategically engage those communities and residents most likely to be left out of changemaking processes.

In addition to these goals, California Calls is critically engaged in the African American Civic Engagement Project and the Building Healthy Communities Program. The African American Civic Engagement Project was launched in 2016 by California Calls and several partners to support movement building in Black communities and raise awareness and accountability around police brutality, mass incarceration, and the school-to-prison pipeline. Further, California Calls has worked closely with more than 50 of the groups that comprise Building Healthy Communities, a place-based California Endowment initiative. 

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