CADENA is a direct-service humanitarian organization specializing in disaster prevention and relief across the globe.

Practicing the Teachings of Tikkun Olam


CADENA, headquartered in Mexico, was founded in 2005 in the spirit of "tikkun olam" – a Jewish principle encouraging individuals to "repair the world" through acts of kindness, solidarity, and empathy. The organization works directly with communities across the globe to prevent and respond to crises spurred by humanitarian and natural disasters. Since its establishment, CADENA has assisted more than one million people through its services, including but not limited to grocery delivery, medical consultations, search and rescue missions, infrastructure reconstruction, and local economic reactivation. Beyond addressing the myriad pressing needs in the wake of disasters, CADENA is committed to proactive disaster prevention and preparedness. The Building Resilience program works with vulnerable communities to install infrastructure, develop information and organizational capacity, and foster coping skills, equipping them with a range of tools to better withstand future disasters. Through both its preventative and responsive programming, CADENA works hand-in-hand with local communities to encourage autonomy and resiliency in the face of devastating disasters.

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Earthquake Disaster Relief - Oaxaca & Morelos, Mexico