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Museum of Science Boston

The Museum of Science, Boston is committed to facilitating an informed and engaged relationship between the public, technology, and scientific innovation.

Stewarding the Legacy of Scientific Achievement and Technology

Museum of Science Boston

Overlooking Boston's famous Charles River, the Museum of Science was established as the New England Museum of Natural History in 1864. Today, the Museum of Science is one of the world's largest science centers and Boston's leading cultural institution, attracting approximately 1.5 million visitors annually. Since its founding, the Museum's focus has expanded from collecting and studying natural history specimens to deepening the public's relationship with scientific innovation and technology. In 1999, the Museum of Science incorporated The Computer Museum and in 2004, the institution's president and board of trustees established the National Center for Technological Literacy. The institution's expansive programming includes 700 interactive exhibits, educational resources, and community programs. Further, the Museum of Science is a leading advocate on behalf of incorporating engineering into the national K-12 educational curriculum.

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