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Paris Opera

As one of the world’s oldest and largest cultural institutions, the Paris Opera has long been a leader in creating widely acclaimed artistic productions. This leadership includes being on the forefront of efforts to increase accessibility to artistic performances and educational opportunities.

In the News

On May 15, 2018, the Paris National Opera conducted the final concert of  a three-part series featuring Tchaikovsky’s Symphonies for the 2017-2018 Season.  Led by Maestro Philippe Jordan, each performance was unique from the others and performed at the Paris Philharmonic. GRoW is proud to have supported the recordings of these world renowned symphonies. To hear excerpts of these recordings, click on the player below.

A Place for Modern Opera to Call Home

The Paris Opera is the primary opera company in France. Since the 1660s, this major institution has been a driving force in the development of classical opera as we think of it today, and continues to exhibit major productions to audiences from across the world. The majority of these performances occur in the Opera Bastille, the Opera’s modern 2,700-seat theatre that was constructed in 1989.

GRoW Support

For nearly two decades, we have been a fervent patron of the world-renowned artistry exhibited by the Paris Opera. Over the years, our patronage has taken on many forms. In addition to supporting many performances, we are also proud to be an annual supporter of the Paris Opera’s program entitled “Rêve d’Enfants.” Translated into English as “dream of a child,” the program provides underprivileged Parisian children with the opportunity to attend a performance at the Paris Opera for free. All proceeds made from ticket sales to adults attending the performance are allotted to support the continuation of the organization’s educational programs, which allow underprivileged youth to study music, costume design, song, dance, and stage craft during the school year. We have provided additional direct support for these educational programs, which strongly align with our desire to increase accessibility to world-class arts education across the globe.

Since 2014, we have also contributed to the Paris Opera’s annual musical recordings. Most recently, in 2017, we helped to underwrite the costs of three Tchaikovsky performances in Europe conducted by world-famous Maestro Philippe Jordan.  

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Listen to a recording of Paris Opera's Cycle Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovski Part 1. Courtesy of Paris Opera, 2018.

Listen to a recording of Paris Opera's Cycle Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovski Part 2. Courtesy of Paris Opera, 2018. Courtesy of Paris Opera, 2018.

Photo courtesy of Paris Opera.

Photo courtesy of Paris Opera.

Photo courtesy of Paris Opera.

Photo courtesy of Paris Opera.



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